RGC: In three years, the RGC Production project has evolved into an innovation cluster with 1,000 new jobs

Three years ago, in 2019, the first RGC Production, an automated plant for the production of gas equipment, was launched in Lviv. Over all this time, the project has evolved into an innovation cluster, which produced 3,000 gas-distributing cabinets, 1,000 gas metering units, and 60,000 104.ua Smart modems.

RGC Production in Lviv has become some kind of testing ground for scaling up business throughout Ukraine. In January 2021, the second automated plant was commenced in Dnipro, and in December 2021, the third one was in Vinnytsia. In August 2021, the RGC Production gas control points have successfully passed the tests on hydrogen gas mixtures. The positive test results were confirmed by Bureau Veritas, an international leader in processes and products certification and quality control.

Over all this time, RGC Production plants have manufactured more than 3,000 gas-distributing cabinets (GDCs), 1,000 gas metering units (GMUs), 30,000 diaphragm GDCs/GMUs, 650 gas filters, and 60,000 104.ua Smart modems. All these pieces of equipment are used to recover and upgrade the networks by gas distribution companies operating under the RGC brand.

«RGC technical and production policies focus on European standards and innovative approaches. In the production of gas equipment, we use the components from the best European manufacturers, - says Oleksiy Tyutyunnyk, Chief Operating Officer, RGC. – During the war, this allows us to quickly produce quality equipment to restore gas networks and procure jobs for hundreds of people."

In the last month alone, advanced and automated RGC Production plants in Lviv, Vinnytsia and Dnipro have shipped 98 gas distributing cabinets. Gas equipment is intended to restore, as soon as possible, gas supply in the communities of Kyiv, Chernihiv, Mykolaiv, Sumy, Zhytomyr, Zaporizhzhia and Kharkiv regions affected by the destruction.

"Despite the war in Ukraine, all RGC Production plants have been working at full capacity, thus supporting the Armed Forces of Ukraine and strengthening the gas and economic front of Ukraine as a whole," said Oleksandr Volovych, project manager, RGC Production. - RGC has a number of powerful business projects in the pipeline that we will implement in the nearest future.”

In three years in operation, RGC Production project has evolved into an innovation cluster. Over this time, 20 innovative business projects have been implemented. Given the need to restore the destroyed infrastructure, we have been contemplating the possibility to produce polyethylene pipes, fittings, valves and flanges at production sites in Dnipro and Lutsk.