In 2023 Gas Distribution System Operators have received 370,000 gas meters for replacement and installation throughout Ukraine. 200,000 gas meters of the total amount were manufactured under the RGC Metering brand and other 110,000 meters were adapted by RGC engineers together with Italian colleagues to work in the difficult conditions of modern challenges. This volume has become a record for the domestic market

RGC Production and RGC Metering brands remain leaders in the direction of modernization of gas networks of Ukraine in 2023. More than a thousand gas regulation points and hundreds of thousands of household and industrial gas meters have stood guard over the safety and reduction of process gas costs for Gas Distribution System Operators.

This year RGC Metering has started the production of rotary and turbine meters for the Ukrainian industry despite the war. Industrial gas meters are installed at large enterprises that use gas in production processes. This year 200 industrial gas meters were produced under the RGC Metering brand.

Developed by RGC engineers with the involvement of the best European and American technologies of Pietro Fiorentini, Cavagna Group, Dresser, Emerson and other leading global manufacturers, meters are easy to use and robust. This partnership has become a great advantage in the conditions of constant shelling of the gas infrastructure due to a full-scale war.

RGC Production and RGC Metering developments have provided new opportunities and introduced quality standards during recent years of industry development. Such breakthrough was ensured by qualified line personnel of Gas Distribution System Operators, who had taken certified trainings directly from European manufacturers for several years before the war.

Modern production facilities, which were created to produce such goods, provided jobs to thousands of Ukrainians and attracted them to the prospects of integration of the Gas Distribution System Operators into the European community.