Innovative Production

RGC establishes enterprises and logistics centers to provide the gas distribution industry with innovative and high-quality equipment. Global supply system directly connects RGC enterprises with the major global component manufacturers and opens up export opportunities

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Reliable and efficient operations of gas distribution systems require the implementation of integrated engineering solutions and equipment

RGC Production


RGC’s first production project: a robotic plant for the production of gas pressure regulating equipment and smart modems was built in 2019. It has full production cycle, i.e. from design to production and supervised installation of equipment.

The plant’s engineers developed and put into production:

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    more than 100 layouts of cabinet type GPRS/GPRS with gas metering unit

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    more than 50 layouts of gas metering unit

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    5 modifications of Smart modems

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    the plant and its products are certified in accordance with ISO 9001 and ISO 45001.


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    Factory for special-purpose clothes, protective gear and footwear for the specialists of gas distribution industry. It has been in operation since 2020. Has its own modeling department.

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    The modern printing house was opened in 2021. It does color printing of any information materials (invoices, messages, posters, etc.) with the optimal price to quality ratio.


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    The plant with automated production lines was built in 2020. Has the capacity of up to 1000 cabinet-type gas pressure regulating stations per year. The company also produces fittings and telemetering systems required for automated network equipment control systems.


Automated plant for production of gas pressure regulating equipment. Its product portfolio complements the products of affiliated enterprises in Lviv and Dnipro.

Logistics Centers

In order to optimize logistics chains and to ensure effective supply management system for the entire RGC production complex and gas distribution companies, a network of innovative warehouses was established with the main International Logistics Center (ILC) located in Lviv region.

ILC ensures prompt direct deliveries of components and equipment of

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    more than 50 major global manufacturers

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    19 modern warehouses throughout Ukraine

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    with the total area of 12,000 sq. m.

Efficient use and absence of excess stocks is ensured by the IT management platform, which forms a single hub thanks to addressed storage systems and bar coding of all goods in stock in warehouses.