Regional Gas Company has received an award at the prestigious international exhibition Enlit Europe-2023, held in Paris on November 28-29, as a key channel partner of the American manufacturer Dresser Utility Solutions in the Ukrainian market. Thanks to the cooperation of the two companies, it was possible to make decisive progress in attracting leading technologies for the modernization of the gas accounting systems in Ukraine

The participants of the exhibition have acknowledged that, according to the result of 2023, RGC remains the largest and leading importer of critical technologies to Ukraine to support the stable distribution of gas in the homes of Ukrainians.

The long-term partnership and policy of direct contracts between RGC and manufacturers has become the key to the creation of a number of advanced initiatives in the redesign of gas networks even during the COVID-19 pandemic and during the reconstruction of infrastructure during the armed aggression of the russian federation in Ukraine. The steady passage of the 2021-2022 and 2022-2023 heating seasons has confirmed the correctness of our course.

We thank all our partners for their trust and long-term cooperation! We invite new partners and customers who share common values and care about gas safety to cooperate. Bold and innovative solutions and the sustainable pricing policy of our company are waiting for you.

For reference: Dresser Utility Solutions is a leading supplier of metering, instrumentation, pipeline solutions and overpressure protection devices to the natural gas and utility markets, including water, gas and electric utilities worldwide.