Development of gas networks

RGC is a leader in the gas distribution industry through the use of innovative technologies and equipment, development of IT systems, as well as a modern system of training and implementation of European standards for the work of timing operators

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Regional presence

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    territories of licensed activities

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    type settlements

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    10 499


State regulation

Gas distribution activities are regulated by NKREKP. Commission approves investment programs and sets annual gas distribution tariffs for each DSO, affecting their key performance indicators.

DSO tariff structure

  • 35%

    Expenses on gas for production and technological needs

  • 44%

    Payrol expense

  • 3%


  • 15%

    Current costs
    (fuel for service 104,
    materials for current repairs, etc.)

  • 3%

    Offsetting historical debts

Technology and innovation

RGC implements innovative solutions for safe, efficient and environmentally friendly operations of the gas distribution industry. Major lines of development:

  • optimization and upgrade of gas control equipment
  • remote hardware and gas pipelines control systems
  • introduction of modern materials and technologies when repairing and replacing gas pipelines
  • enhancing mobility of network maintenance services

RGC developed a system of IT solutions and software packages for digital transformation of DSOs operations.

Software solution for RGC emergency dispatch service (EDS)

Improving consumer safety. This solution allows dispatchers to manage in real time more than 400 rapid response teams of 104 service, offers them optimal routes and plans of actions. RGC EDS reduces response time and emergency response costs for 104 service.

RGC GIS solution

Ensures the effectiveness of long-term investment activities. It accumulates and updates information online for analysis and graphical visualization of all gas pipelines, gas cabinets, GDPs and other network facilities.

RGC GIS electronic database contains up-to-date information on:

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    250,000 km

    of gas pipelines

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    1 mln

    building level pressure regulators

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    gas cabinets and GPRCs

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    stations of cathodic protection

RGC Balancing software solution

IT solution for the establishment of a modern gas dispatch system for all 19 DSOs. Each DSO created innovative control centers, which keep daily records of actual and projected gas consumption by all 8,000,000 customers. This system is essential for the functioning of the modern gas market in Ukraine.

RGC Balancing software solution provides:

  • real-time accounting of gas consumers
  • consumption forecast for 8,200,000 consumers of all categories
  • automatic notification of unauthorized gas withdrawal
  • business analytics on gas consumption

RGC Metering

RGC is building a network of innovative Metering Centers for the full service cycle of any measuring devices used by gas companies in Ukraine and abroad.

The first RGC Metering Center with an area of 1,200 sq. m was built in Kharkiv. It became a model for network construction.

These are metering centers operating according to the Smart Factory principle: automated equipment from the world’s best manufacturers provides a complete technological cycle of meter calibration in a fully automated mode, without human intervention.

Each center capacity allows to perform a comprehensive service of 250,000 household gas meters per year, to provide calibration services for all types of industrial meters, sensors and correctors, ensuring the European level quality.

RGC Metering system is being built around such centers, allowing the automatization of the gas meters calibration process and ensures quality at any stage of calibration.

Gas distribution safety

The job of 104 emergency dispatch service is to rapidly respond to gas leaks reports, eliminate accidents in gas systems and at gas consumers. EDS specialists are on duty 24/7, just like their work fellows from emergency response services, i.e. doctors from 103 service and rescuers from 101 service.

RGC 104 emergency dispatch service has 430 teams of emergency and dispatch services, employing almost 1,300 specialists of the highest qualification. EDS teams are coordinated by centralized control centers using RGC EDS IT system. The teams are provided with special purpose equipment and modern search hardware to locate gas leaks with tablets for RGC GIS integration.

Daily monitoring of the status of gas distribution systems is carried out by network maintenance specialists. The quality of monitoring is ensured by mobile laboratories and almost 200 special purpose vehicles equipped for complex instrumental inspection and diagnostics of gas pipelines.

RGC Education space

RGC has built a system of staff training and development, operating in each of the DSOs.

A network of 15 RGC Education Spaces has been created to support the sustainable development of specialists.

Teams of trainers conduct training according to the concept of micro learning, i.e. step by step, from one subject-matter to another. Education spaces allow for both theoretical and practical training simultaneously.

It provides for professional development and skills-building of specialists and to effective use of new equipment and technologies.

School of RGC internal coaches has been established.

More than 30 educational programs have been developed being used by 60 RGC internal trainers for staff training within Soft @ Hard skills program.

Training programs developed for skilled employees include

  • training in related industries
  • advanced training
  • targeted training

Workers are trained on the basis of the RGC Training and Development Centers:

  • CII program (complex instrumental inspection)
  • GDP (gas distribution plant)
  • Supervisor
  • Сertification of welders