Gas Networks Redesign

RGC is the first Ukrainian gas company to embark on a full-scale engineering project, which is the redesign of gas networks. Their existing capacity is four times the customers’ needs. Consequently, integrated redesign is needed to balance the networks capacity with the current customers needs

Gas Networks Redesign - Photo #1

RGC Engineering is intended to develop projects for the introduction of new technologies, materials and equipment to improve the efficiency of gas distribution and the use of clean energy, i.e. synthetic gases, from renewable sources in line with the principles of the European Green Deal.

The most important challenge for RGC Engineering is a comprehensive program for the optimization of existing gas distribution systems, or their redesign.


Redesign allows you to do away with the excess capacity, to eliminate areas of gas distribution systems in critical conditions and unnecessary gas pressure regulating equipment. This requires up-to-date and exhaustive information about the networks operations, with the possibility of processing it by software applications.

Network digitalization: engineering specialists have already completed the creation of digital models of gas distribution networks for all 20 DSOs operating under the RGC brand. Now RGC GIS system contains accurate information about the utilized capacity and technical status of any section out of 250,000 km of gas distribution networks and each of the 47,000 gas pressure regulating points.

RGC has already implemented 38 pilot redesign projects in 16 regions on separate sections of the networks. In just one year, almost UAH 19 million was invested in RGC pilot redesign projects. The annual savings from their implementation is UAH 10 million.

Network redesign projects implemented in 2020

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    DSOs engaged

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    UAH10.8 mln

    annual savings resulting from the completed redesign projects

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    average IRR of redesign projects

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    UAH 18.8 mln

    the total investments in RGC redesign projects

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    3 years

    payback period

Volume of investments, in
mln UAH

  • 7,4


  • 5,2


  • 2,8


  • 2,7


  • 0,7


Economic effect, millions of UAH

  • The amount of annual savings from implemented redesign projects

  • The amount of investment in redesign projects

Stages of redesign projects:

  • building hydraulic models for the cluster of customers supplied by the network that requires optimization;
  • identification of optimal technical solutions for changing the architecture of gas distribution systems. This may be the elimination of certain areas, reduction or replacement of worn-out gas pressure regulating equipment with high-quality and efficient one from RGC Production, the use of new technologies and materials compatible with synthetic gases.


  • optimization of capacity of reconstructed sections of the networks;
  • reduction in consumption of process gas for maintenance;
  • reduction in gas networks maintenance expenditures.

Redesign makes gas networks technically efficient and economically viable. Networks will be able to supply customers with clean energy, i.e. environmentally friendly synthetic gases such as hydrogen and biomethane.